Wicca 101 – Basic Beliefs

I’ve often heard it said that if you ask 10 Wiccans about their religion you will get 10 completely different answers. It’s not hard to believe when there are 134,000(ish) practising Wiccans within the US alone. This may be due to the fact that there is no set of rules or “Bible” to follow. Couple that with the fact there are several different Wiccan paths (Gardnerian, Dianic, etc) and the potential for multiple beliefs within one faith becomes huge. While there are several traditions within Wicca, there are a few beliefs and practises that are common to most, if not all, traditions.

First things first, Wiccans can come from any walk of life. They can be your “stereotypical” out there people, they can be the single mom next door, they can be lawyers, doctors, CEOs, anyone can be Wiccan.

One major belief of Wicca is that of The Wiccan Rede and the three fold law. This is like the Wiccan equivalent of karma. It states that whatever you put out into the world, be it positive or negative, you will get it back three times over. The Wiccan Rede ( An it harm none, do what ye will)  is a guideline to go by, meaning do what you wish as long as you’re not harming anyone.

Wiccans believe in the balance and polarity of the divine. This means that unlike most religions, both male and female deities are acknowledged and worshipped. A Wiccan may just refer to them as the God and Goddess or they may attach a name to them. Typically the female deity is acknowledged as the triple goddess, maiden, mother and crone, and the male deity as the horned god or green man. Other Wiccans may choose to refer to them using the name of a Goddess or God that particularly resonates with them.

There is a general acceptance of an afterlife within Wicca. The term most commonly used in relation to the Wiccan view on the afterlife is The Summerland. All spirits go to The Summerland, regardless of good or bad and each persons version of The Summerland will be different. Here they will be reunited with those they lost during this lifetime, and they will take time to reflection their life and any learning done along the way. Here some Wiccans disagree, some believing that after The Summerland you are reincarnated, with other believing you move on elsewhere in your spirit form.


As I said above, Wicca is a very diverse religion with many traditions branching off so your experience may differ from the above, this is only just the tip of the iceberg of Wicca. Please have a discussion in the comments about anything you may do differently, I’d love to learn from others. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Blessed Be.


7 thoughts on “Wicca 101 – Basic Beliefs”

      1. In general yes, the wiccan community is lovely! I suppose it is more the humanistic pagans that have given me trouble and pause for concern (several heated arguments about mental illness and their propagating falsehoods about it). But I’m glad to say I haven’t had those problems in Wicca!


      2. From my experience they are non devotional and focused on being basic good human beings. They just tend to argue with the polytheists a lot, for some reasons. Its a minor clash considering how peaceful our communities are x)

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  1. Wiccan here! Thanks for posting this. I have an altar, I am a big meditator, and pretty much believe in all that you posted here. Although there’s sooo much more to Wicca. Haha. Nobody in my family knows I am Wiccan so it is a secret at the moment. It can be difficult sometimes! And yet the Wiccan community is very lovely.

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