5 Ways to Practise in Daily Life

I used to feel like I didn’t do enough “witching”. I felt like I was only doing something when I needed help and that I may be asking a lot of deities without giving anything back. I decided a change was needed and implemented a few things. I don’t do all of these every day but I always do at least one.

Daily meditation

meditating dog

Meditating doesn’t have to look like this although it can if that works for you, I’ll be honest though I just wanted an excuse to use that picture! A study showed that sitting meditation only works for roughly 20% of people. Do something you enjoy like listening to music and letting it take your mind somewhere. I tend to sit at my patio door and watch the birds on the feeders at the back of the garden or go to a local yoga class where the yogi does a guided meditation at the end of the class complete with lavender bags for your eyes. Find a meditation technique that works for you and spend 5 minutes a day doing it.

Daily tarot draw

Not only can this set you up for the day but it’s a great way to learn the cards too. I keep a tarot journal so that each morning I can draw my card and write what the card means to me and anything it makes me think of before then looking for the cards meaning. Keeping it in the journal means I can see any patterns in the cards I’m pulling too.

Watch a witchy Youtuber

I love watching other witches on Youtube. My guilty pleasure at the moment is altar tours. I don’t have my own altar so love looking at other people’s. There are so many good ideas out there and the witchy community on Youtube is fantastic. A few channels I would suggest checking out are – Owlvine Green, Molly Roberts – Her Speak, Sacred Seed and Harmony Nice.

Be outside

I think this is something the vast majority of us enjoy anyway but take some time and just be outside. Even just stand in your garden for a few minutes and take in the smells and the sounds around you. I love standing on the grass barefoot and grounding myself.

Say thank you

This is the biggie for me. As I said at the start, I felt like I was asking and taking but giving nothing back and honestly that felt a little selfish, so now I take the time to say thank you. This isn’t always a verbal thanks. I feed the birds in the garden and put my dog’s hair that’s just been brushed out for the birds to use to build their nests. I plant sunflowers and lavender for the bees to help them out. I try to buy cruelty free products as much as possible and I’m slightly anal about recycling. Helping save the planet is a great way to say thank you and show that you’re not taking anything we’ve been given on Earth for granted. Sometimes though it is a verbal thank you. I’ll go out to an open green space and sit and have a chat, almost praying.

After making these small changes, I feel a huge difference in both my practise and myself. I feel more centred and more in touch with the earth.


What daily practises do you have? Please let me know in the comments. I’d love to see what others do.


4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Practise in Daily Life”

  1. Great post! You can run into problems when you read witchcraft blogs where the author writes about all the grandiose “witchy” things they do, seemingly constantly. First, what people write, and what they actually do are often two different things. Secondly, we all practice in our own way. I would rather incorporate witchcraft into my daily life in small ways, than have to set aside only certain times to do elaborate rituals or magick. In our society, we just don’t all have time to do that. I love the daily tarot card pull idea. I’m gonna steal that one! Blessed Be!

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