Wicca 101 – Tools

There are many tools and supplies that a witch or wiccan may use in their practise. It’s important to point out though, especially for newbies to the craft, none of these are essential. You can have as many or as few of these as you like, or even find a substitute that works for you. Don’t think that because you don’t have the “right” tools you’re doing it wrong. If it feels right for you then you’re absolutely doing it right.

The Pentacle


The five pointed star is one of the main symbols in Wicca. While each of the points represents the five elements (earth, air, fire, water and spirit) the pentacle itself represents earth. This can be in the form of a pendant, an altar plate or on an altar cloth.

The Cauldron


The cauldron represents the element of water and normally they are made of cast iron so they can withstand heat. They are used during ritual to hold things like water, herbs, candles or incense and can also be used to create small fires inside of.

The Athame


Pronounced “ah-tha-may”, this is a black handled ritual knife used to direct energy in casting a circle or to cut metaphorical ties. It should never be used to actually cut anything. The athame represents the male energy and also represents the element of fire.

The Chalice


Most chalices look like the one above, however, I’ve been known to use a mug. A chalice can either be use during ritual to drink wine from or can be placed on your altar to represent water.

The Wand


Much like an athame, the wand is used to direct energy. It represents the element of air. A witch’s wand is an incredibly personal thing so it should be made of a material that you feel a deep connection with. Many witches even make their own wands.

These are just a few of the tools that are used and their use can vary from person to personas Wicca is a very varied religion.  Blessed Be!


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