Springtime Musings

It was an absolutely beautiful day in Scotland yesterday, and today too, and I found myself having one of those moments. You know the kind where you are sitting outside maybe doing some gardening or reading and something catches your eye, a bird maybe, and suddenly you’re focused on that and everything else fades away?

I found myself doing that yesterday. I was sitting in the garden reading when I heard one of the pigeons that frequents my garden land next to me. I sat for ages just watching her. It wasn’t til about 10 minutes into watching her that I realised time had passed. I was so absorbed in observing her and the other birds on the tree around the feeders. I could hear the bees buzzing by, feel the wind blowing through my hair, smell the freshly blooming flowers I had planted a few months before and for the first time noticed the first few blooms opening up on the rhododendron bush. It was one of the first times in my spiritual journey that I felt completely in tune with nature and all the beauty going on around me. I felt so calm and honestly I felt true, blissful happiness.

I think this has encouraged me to spend more time outside just to disconnect with the “normal” world and take some time in nature to unwind. I think it’s something we all need to do every now and again.

Blessed be x


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